Double Vent Single Vent Animal Housing Igloo Temporary Polycarbonate Recent Builds Domestic

Bay Width: 8 or 9.6 metres
Post spacing: 4 metres between posts
Height to gutter: 4.35.3 metres
Total height: 6.77.7 metres
Ventilation: Single Vent 12.5% of floor area
Vent mechanism: Ridder motors and controllers, indirect Geared rack and pinion system
Frame Guard Tape: Fitted to all roof members that touch the plastic
Roof cladding: Single or double-skin Celloclim bubble Film or polycarbonate
Wall cladding: Single or double-skin Celloclim film
Gutter: Aluminium with condensation collection
Awnings: Top and bottom awning aluminium
Doors: Sliding door with 1150mm metal kick panel at bottom Plastic top panel
Footings: 1 metre deep x 0.450 diameter (depending On soil type) with 150mm x 150mm pedestal for post connection
Wind load: Designed to local municipality wind category requirements
Crop loading: Designed to individual loading requirements
Build time: 6-8 weeks from receipt of deposit to on-site construction