Double Vent Single Vent Animal Housing Igloo Temporary Polycarbonate Recent Builds Domestic

Double Vent Greenhouse

Roof ventalation is the best way of controlling the enviroment within the greenhouses. Double ventalation gives you 95% ventalation when fully extended.

Single Vent Greenhouses

A Single vent on the east side gives 12-15% ventalation. This is used more in cooler climates.

Temporary Greenhouse

The 6.5 wide temporary crop cover is fixed to screw augers and is adaptable to a range of uses from temporary covers over seed and flower crops to a crop support greenhouse for vegetables.

Animal Houses

9.1 to 14.6 wide our structures covered with white canvacon 5000 are the best way of intesivety housing pigs, goats, cattle, horses and poultry.


The polycarbonate greenhouse is David Gill Greenhouses latest design. The new design included the development of a custom designed aluminium ridge system that has an aluminium hinge to support polycarb or fibreglass roofing, it is connected to the vent arms. Purlin have been custom designed to prevent corrosion.

Igloo Greenhouse

Igloo, have a variety of uses from a large commercial greenhouse to domestic and can have fixed sides or rollup curtains.

Domestic Greenhouse

All greenhouse sized are available in kit form with price available upon application. An easy to assemble domestic greenhouse is also available for the garden enthusiast who likes propagating all year round for their own garden or the keen vegetable grower who wants to have fresh crisp home grown vegetables.