Ridder Agripolyane Bogaerts Thermal Screens Heating Fogging Benches Shadecloth and Nets Pricelist

Fully powdercoated chassis mechanically blasted
Fast 0.37kW drive motor gradual speedcontrol 0-100%
Powerful 2,2kW hydraulicpump
Scissors powered by 2 hydraulic cylinders for BBR 010, 015, 020, & 040
Scissors powered by 4 hydraulic cylinders for BBR 050 & 055
Reliable traction batteries
Conforms to CE standards for pipe rail trolleys
Robust, safe 35mm diasmeter fence
Alu-coverplate for motor and electric components
Fast and easy to maintain
Simple control panel
Mechanical or hydraulic scissors
Mechanical or hydraulic push-up wheels
Different options possible

Manual or automatic steering
Battery or motor operated
Robust ergonomic design
Powder coated chassis
Touch-screen control panel
Tank or hosereel
Modular parts/options
Controlled efficient spraying
Various spray booms, height adjustment
Short or long chassis
Varying row-length adjustment
Battery replacement set
Powerful spraying pump
Overpressure protection
High quality batteries

Fully powdercoated chassis mechanically blasted
Large torque, even at low speeds
Ergonomic modern design
Step on/off flexibility
Short turning radius
Manual and Automatic

Pepper transporting & buffering systems
Tomato transporting and weighing systems
Flower Transporting systems
Cucumber transporting systems
Palettising machines
Packing machines
Automatic guided vehicles
Electric Tow trucks
Prepacking lines
Buffering systems
Weighing systems
Prestacking systems
Palletwrapping machines
Automatic stacking & destacking systems
Custom made logistic systems