Svensson Thermal Screens

All Svensson inside screens can be used under all types of greenhouse and glasshouse cover. Their unique knitted structure reduces condensation and allows them to be bundled to a small size for maximum available light

Screens increase production by giving maximum light and reduce risk of sunburn. Screens also help control humidity, assisting in giving the plant optimum growing conditions. thermal screens reduce heating costs.

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XLS F Harmony Revolux

XLS F Harmony Revolux is a white screen with an open structure for enhanced light diffusion and shading.
On warm days it shades, protects and cools plants from many angles, stimulating growth. At night, it helps reduce radiation heat loss, minimizing the risk of dew and fungal diseases.
In cool climates, it is often combined with an energy saving screen at night.
This screen is UV stable and remains clean and intact for the long period of time.

Revolux is made from flame retardant materials. This is an optimum choice for all installations from a fire safety perspective.

XLS Firebreak

During the day XLS FIREBREAK reflects sunlight to keep the greenhouse cool and avoiding overheating the plants.
During the night, it helps to retain heat, maintaining a steady temperature and saving energy. The steadier temperature minimizes dew on the crops, reducing the risk of fungal diseases.

David Gill Greenhouses

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