SunView Diamond 15 Film

200 Micron
Light Transparency 89%
Diffusion 55%
Thermicity 90%
UV Blocking 350
Tensile Strengh 27mg

David Gill Greenhouses

David Gill Greenhouses

SunView Bubble Film

200 Micron
Light Transparency 86%/88%
Diffused light 50%-70%
Thermicity 86%
UV Blocking 360

Greenhouse Film Infomation

David Gill Greenhouses

Light Transmission
(PAR Range)

The total light transmission of the greenhouse film is extremely important for Photosynthetically Active Radiation (P.A.R.)
The PAR range is 400 to 700 nanometers. The intensity of these wavelengths (PAR range) directly influences growth and development of green plants.

Light Diffusion

Most Thermal Films provide diffused light. Light diffusion increases photosynthetic efficiency by providing more homogeneous light from all directions.

A diffused film reduces shadows, helps minimize burning and ensures better distribution of light.
It has also been known to help average leaf temperatures.

David Gill Greenhouses

Thermal Effect

During the day, the greenhouse structure, plants and soil heat up due to both visible and infrared light from the sun. In the evening it cools down and re-emits radiation within the IR range.
Special properties are incorporated within the film which block IR radiation and help maintain a controlled temperature in the greenhouse, providing plant insulation and less cycling of heaters at night.

David Gill Greenhouses

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